Disposable and Re-usable Medical Products for Operating Room Applications.
Griffindustries has a main focus of being the supplier of choice of OEM products. We are a FDA registered Plastic Injection Moulding & Assembly Company.
Disposable & Reposable (Limited Use) OEM Products
Our Products are safe and effective
tools for the O.R. providing means of instrument organization / protection, patient comfort, and proper sterile disposal:
Featured: The BladeGlove Safety Scapel System.
The BladeGlove Safety Scalpel System was designed with safety in mind. It provides both protection and convenience for doctors and nurses.The BladeGlove is designed to match the same handles that are universally accepted by surgeons worldwide.
Constant Growth and Innovation
Our staff has worked together for more than 12 years in the medical industry and has extensive experience in the operating room.
We identify user needs through solicitation of ideas from doctors, nurses, etc. and our own staff.
We offer research and development for potential medical products brought to us.