BladeGlove makes transfer, handling and disposal safe, allowing doctors to focus on
what matters.

US PATENT NO. 7,207,999 B2
The BladeGlove Scapel System utilizes cartridges that attach directly to the handle with conventional design.

Fully retractable cartridges expose entire blade for optimal visualization during incision.

Loading of the blade to the #3 Scalpel handle is done without any exposure to the sharp blade and can be removed and replaced or reattached at a later time.

Distributors for the BladeGlove:

Medline Medical Supplies
Xodus Medical
BladeGlove Demo
See the BladeGlove
Safety Scapel System
in action.
A Familiar Feel
BladeGlove provides the same feel as standard scalpels so Doctors can operate without having to adjust to a new system.
#3 Scalpel Handles.
Ours have the same weight, feel, and dimensions.
Disposable Handles.
More environmentally friendly and efficient.