Magnetic Operating Room Drapes
Our magnetic drapes provide a safe and cost effective means to retain and transfer instruments within the sterile field. Constructed of durable medical grade silicone rubber these high quality magnets provide solid retaining force.

Available is these dimensions and layout:

12" x 16" w/o transfer zone (42117)
12" x 16" one transfer zone (42127)
12" x 16" two transfer zone (42128)
12" x 8" w/o tranfer zone (42109)
12" x 8" one transfer zone (42119)

Round magnets with smooth edges to avoid silicone rubber perforations.

Magnetic Drapes Distributors:

Universal Medical Supplies
Great Flexibility
Durable medical grade silicone rubber allows maximum flexibility.

Optional plain instrument "transfer zone" at center of drape for safe instrument handling.

ETO & Steam sterilizable.

These items contain no heavy metals or latex.
12" x 8" sizes.
Smaller compact sizes when space is limited
Round Magnets
Raised magnets for easier grasping of instruments