The simplicity and effectiveness offered by the NeedleGlove Quadra promotes convenient and safe sharp handling practices among employees.
The Needleglove Retaining System has a four port, environmentally sensitive design that can accommodate up to four 30-16 gauge needles/ sharps thus reducing OR waste.

The exceptional design of the NeedleGlove Quadra specifically addresses and reduces concern of accidentally getting "stuck" in the O.R. because staff safety is imperative when transferring and disposing needles/ sharps after their use.

NeedleGlove Quadra is space saving, simple to use and requires minimal in service.One-Handed operation. Just firmly press the used needle into the device.

Seals needle tip to prevent accidental leakage.
Needleglove Features

Broad and stable base for easy and convenient needle insertion.

Disposable, single-use.

Puncture resistant.

Latex free.

Contains no heavy metal pigments.