Let Griffindustries, Inc. create
your next big idea.
Every industry has benefited greatly from new innovations and inventions. We know this to be a time tested truth and have provided our know-how for creating profitible and marketable products for 12 straight years.
A Non-Disclosure Agreement is here to download so you can feel confident bringing your idea to us.
Idea into Tangible Invention
From initial designs to packaged products ready for the market.
Engineering Feasibility Study
We won't just make it. Griffindustries utilizes technical know-how to manufacture products that are superior in ease of usability, function and aesthetics.

Ultimately your invention hits the market with the very best chance of success.
A local business with a worldly approach.
We stay competitive with overseas manufacturers through flexibility and being accessible.
We make the time.
We listen and share our know-how to deliver a successful product.