Let Griffindustries Service You.
Whether you have an Exisitng Mold, Require a Master-Mold Built, have a
Great Idea and Need an Engineer, or
All of the Above. We can help you from Concept to Completion.
Design / Technical Renderings
Engineering Feasibility Study
Master - Mould Construction
Our capabilities as a manufacturer and as fully qualified engineers gives our clients a unique list of services. This includes packaging and secondary services for your product when required.
Griffindustries can also help you with the Patent Process. All aspects from the intitial concept phase to the completed and ready-to-market phase, we are here to service you.
Patents and Confidentialty
Packaging Services
Invention Creation Consultation
We are an FDA registered Plastic Injection Moulding & Assembly Company.

Setting ourselves apart from other companies is our drive and determination to improve upon all our existing products and those innovations brought to us from inventors and industry specialists.

Whether you are in the medical industry
or in a completely different field our staff of engineers are more than capable of creating or enhancing any idea into a working and marketable product.
Say it in Plastic.
Your idea has never been closer to being materialized than now.
Now is the time.