19" x 4" x 4" Chest Roll

Dimensions:  19"   X   4  X   4"
Provides a safe and cost effective means for minimizing pressure points and nerve damage during surgery.

Soft flexible coating provides a comfortable feel.

Foam distributes weight evenly.

Easy to clean by most conventional methods and cleaners.

Our reusable foam products are:
19" X 4" Chest Roll >>>

Foam Positioners Distributors:

Universal Medical Supplies
A Truly Versatile and Reusable Product.

For medical practitioners and surgeons our reusable foam positioners are a cost effective alternative to single-use foam without the high cost of gels.

As a stand-alone product the versatility
of it's uses finds our positioners on work desks and in classrooms.

Other sizes and shapes are available
upon request.
Latex Free


Contains no heavy metals